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A competent, knowledgeable and passionate group of professionals dedicated since more than 20 years to the creation of modern and ergonomic software solutions. DAU is a recognized and respected landmark for its expertise in the field of graphical 3D product configuration and production management


Since years in touch with industries, DAU offers analytical skills and problem solving to more than 500 companies in Italy and worldwide. Experts and specialized by choice in a niche we are appreciated by our customers for the ability to find simple and effective solutions to complex problems


Our philosophy is based on the know-how transfer to our customers with the aim of making them autonomous in the management and maintenance of our software solutions. To achieve this objective, qualified project managers have developed innovative training techniques both in the classroom and on the field

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The experience of DAU began long ago, from production management and supervision programs for CNC machines in the field of modular furniture (kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living). Building on the lessons learned in the field, DAU has undertaken the development of the first three-dimensional product configurator for the furniture industry. Thanks to the success of this solution, DAU could specialize in the product configuration niche. Today the flagship software is 3cad evolution, the fourth-generation configurator developed over 20 years during which, starting from the factory flow management, the range has expanded to the management of the order, the creation of dynamic BOM, the generation of printouts, three-dimensional presentation, multimedia and rendering. All this having in mind the concept of supply chain integration. DAU today claims 3cad evolution as the only effective real cross-solution that allows the end customer, the shop and the factory to communicate in a unique platform.
The success of 3cad evolution in the furnishing branch has allowed us to make ourselves known in the world and, above all, to be able to apply our product configurator also in other areas such as the windows and doors, the internal and armored doors, the concert stages, the vans fittings, machinery for bakeries, tents and garden structures and in general all products that have a strong component of variability

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Our Team

We are a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of information technology, highly motivated and performance-oriented. We employ more than thirty brilliant enthusiastic people full of dedication to their work and this is the main reason why our customers are satisfied and recommend us to others. Our young and motivated group, is heterogeneous: it is composed by highly qualified people, with a commercial and technical profile, in order to provide an all-round service, which guarantees at all times the availability of equipment and personnel for a more effective, diversified and innovative solution. Our team is specialized by market segment, constantly updated and trained on the specific techniques of the various sectors. This allows us to provide a high quality and always exhaustive service, an open dialogue with the customer as to achieve the best results. We guarantee our customers maximum efficiency and timeliness in providing specific answers to their questions, we build the basics for a new shining future.

What we offer


For a company which operates in areas related to computer science and technology it is crucial to be constantly up to date. DAU implements a continous trainng program  for its staff of consultants and software developers in order to keep up with modern development languages.


In addition to technical and in-depth theoretical knowledge, creativity is a key factor in developing successful solutions. Following roads already traveled by others is not in our DNA, we prefer to explore new spaces also with the risk of getting lost because only in this way we can find the right path.


In developing our software we use the latest technical knowledge and technology. We believe and invest in the research for innovative solutions, we are at the forefront in adopting pioneering development and test tools to ensure our customers next-generation applications.


Our development team is composed by experienced programmers using consolidated languages for the creation of professional applications. We follow the standard design of the source code that allow us to be interchangeable and to manage implementations and changes quickly and without loss of performance.


The effectiveness of a software is not limited to its functionality, but extends to support connected to it. Our solutions are accompanied by complete and updated manuals. In addition, our customers can benefit from a telephone hotline, explanatory videos, technical material and a wiki where to find information and make community with other users.

Global Coverage

We operate worldwide through a network of distributors located in Europe, the Americas, Russia and China. Our operators, with international experience, travel to provide advice to partners and key accounts. Our software is used by more than 180,000 users anywhere in the globe.


We believe human resources are the foundation on which to build a successful company, that is why for us the best investment and key asset is people. Professionals working in DAU have in common the excellence in technical skills, a great sense of belonging and the ability to understand the needs of the customer. Our expertise is based on years of work and study and take the form of highly specialized personnel with the programming ability based on experience, organizational flexibility and the latest technology.

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Our customer

Our solutions are aimed at those companies that make complex products and believe the innovation process and the structural reorganization are basic elements to be able to compete successfully in the global market. Over the past 10 years, the production system has had a breakthrough that experts believe epochal and comparable to the steam engine of the first industrial revolution. This change is now referred to as "Industry 4.0" and stands for the computerization of production companies as the traditional manufacturing industry with the objective of creating the Smart Factory, characterized by adaptability, efficiency and ergonomics, in addition to the creation of partnerships in business ecosystems and value processes. Our graphic product configurator "3cad evolution" is in this perspective, the key solution for the structured management of the complexity of the order entry and implementation of the same with lean production techniques, also called "lotto uno".


Usiamo 3cad evolution per l’acquisizione ordini interna ed collegamento con le macchine a controllo numerico tramite il modulo CAD/CAM, abbattendo gli errori di produzione del 75%.

Davide Rossetti Production Manager

Grande professionalità e disponibilità: il personale competente aggiunge solo ulteriore valore al software che considero il migliore in Italia.

Saverio Rosselli Developer

Molto soddisfatto del prodotto 3cad evolution, della qualità del servizio, della cortesia e della disponibilità del personale. Ottima esperienza!

Angelo Galvani CED


Dau Srl is a software house situated in Pieve di Soligo (Italy) that has been developing, selling and installing in companies its graphic product configurator since 1994. Initially we have started working with local furniture companies, sector where the graphic tool is indispensable to acquire and to put in to production orders. In 2000 the “3cad Group” was established that united Dau Srl with other 2 firms (Apra Informatica Srl from Jesi and Intres Srl from Milan) with an extensive know-how in the furniture manufacturing sector. This is the fundamental map that places Dau Srl in the condition to start a path which allows it to be known over the entire national territory. Thanks to this agreement a new project is launched and therefore a new configurator called “3cad” that will become a brand reference in the furniture manufacturing sector intended as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living-rooms, offices and upholstered furniture. We have continuously participated to several specialized exhibitions such as the Milan Furniture Saloon, the Zow of Pordenone (now SICAM), the Verona exhibition and local exhibitions such as Erba and Pesaro.
In 2007 we began working on an ambitious project called “3cad evolution” with a new high performance graphic engine which also allows the element movements. Moreover we have also begun experimenting the use of the software and its relative archives on the web platform with excellent performances. With “3cad evolution” new horizons are opened especially because new functions also permits to use the configurator on products outside the furniture sector; windows, gates, curtains, top, shelving, machines, concert stages, etc… Furthermore we have started to go international with the product, by translating the software in the most common languages, hiring foreign language consultants and researching of partners abroad. Up to date we have consolidated partners in Russia, Brazil and Germany. We are consolidating technical/business structures in England, Portugal, France and Poland. In 2013 we can count on over 400 companies (80% furniture sector) that use “3cad evolution” and over 25.000 sales outlets in the “Lite” version. We have over 100 among consultants and software programmers located in Italy and abroad. We are participating continuously to exhibitions in Russia (Moscow), Germany and England.


3cad evolution

Integrating the sales network in real time

Access via the Web to catalogues on the company server, guarantees an immediate update of available information to retailers and enables activation real time. All these procedures are managed by a user friendly control panel.


Automated and centralised management of orders

The retailer activated by the company calculates the quote from his price list and sends the order to the manufacturer with just one click.

Once the order has been recovered by the manufacturer and all necessary checks are carried out, it is then automatically processed for production.


Producing dynamic bills of materials

The dynamic bill of materials generated from the order graphics allows full and correct production data to be obtained and updated, even if modifications have been made on the composition of the furniture.


Integrating with ERP

The “open” structure of the software means it can be easily integrated in real time with any company’s management systems. The graphic software integrates and re-uses the information already present in the company (client details, tables, variables) in order to guarantee a unique, shared database.


Custom technical documents

The output of technical documents (procurement lists, production and packing labels, department print-outs) is customized in layout and contents according to the companies production needs.


On-line Feeding N/C work centres

From the graphic order all the interface information required by the NC machine are generated. Both standard and non standard elements are processed in the same way. The machines and lines can be integrated in a network, linked to a barcodes’ system that recognises the elements automatically.


Independent management of the rules and graphics database

The three-dimensional “graphic” catalogue and the “rules” can be developed and integrated by the client’s own properly qualified and trained personnel.

In this way the client is autonomous, prompt and precise in updating all information.

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Continuous training

Our clients rightfully inquire greater competences and ability for company analyzes and problem solving not only linked to product configuration, but also to everything involved in: production, NC machine interface, customer care, orders management and interfaces with other programs. To improve customer performance, the 3cad group partners organize continuous training sections for their collaborators with […]

Meeting with Antonella Cipollone – Lean Production

Antonella Cipollone was guest at the #Ask3Cad Hangout on Monday afternoon January 26, live on Youtube: since 2009 she has been leading company reorganization’s projects, within the manufacturing and office, and accompanying companies from different sectors through the Lean training and transformation, including sectors such as electronic, mechanical, machinery and equipment, chemical, petrochemical, paper packaging, […]

Fluid rendering system

It was released the new high-quality rendering engine made to run on the GPU   (graphics card). This engine promises a very high quality for images made comparable and in some cases superior to that obtained with a ray tracing engine and radiosity, with a significant difference in processing time.